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Muskopf family
From left to right

Back roll
Jacob's brother (Name unknown), Mr. Theabau (friend), Uncle Ollie (Oliver A Muskopf), Mr. Kissling (friend),
Roy R Powell (married to Pauline Muskopf Powell), Joseph H Muskopf (married to Pearl Blackford)

Middle Roll
Mrs. Kissling (friend), Jacob Muskopf, Anna Katherine Hollerbach Muskopf (married to Jacob) Caroline (Carrie) Strum Muskopf (married to Ollie),
Marie (Daughter of Ollie and Carrie), Pauline Muskopf Powell, Pearl Blackford Muskopf (married to Joseph Muskopf)

Front Roll
Paul Muskopf (this is the young child), Violet (Theodore Muskopf's girlfriend), Joe Derspriba (friend), Joe Derspriba's girlfriend,
Marie Niemeyer Muskopf (married to Paul Muskopf), Paul O. Muskopf (married to Marie), Unknown, Unknown,
Eugene (Gene) Muskopf (son of Joseph and Pearl), Theodore Muskopf

Picture provided by Carol Fivecoat
Thanks Carol